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  • January 15, 2024
  • Scott Benjamin
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Students, office workers or parents, Nowadays almost everyone prefers shopping online, Don’t you? Because it’s easy, does not require much effort and you can shop for anything while lounging in your bed. Online shopping has transformed the realm of retail globally, it’s  mostly due to the improvements in digitalization that have improved the lives of common people.

If you operate a business that requires a platform similar to the current e-commerce platforms right now, then you are on the right page. In the following sections you will find all the hows and what’s needed for how to create an eCommerce app? or how to make an online shopping app? 

Without aunty further ado, let’s get into it. 

How to Create an eCommerce App

There are a few requirements you should carefully concentrate on while developing an app similar to Amazon. That includes the App development processes, the technology that is being utilized, a skilled team, features that must be incorporated, and variables that may affect the apps development costs.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Research and Analyze: 

The first and most basic step to app development is to conduct a thorough and to analyze the alternatives. You need to search far and wide to develop an app like amazon. Gather information about apps that are similar to Amazon, and make sure to search and know about your target audience. Moreover, you shall never ever forget to know about who your potential competitor or benchmark is. Examine their work properly and make a list of the Pros and Cons to avoid any mistakes and drawbacks. 

Add Important Features

The next step is to make your apps aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Incorporate such features into your app that allow an easy and fun use to the user. Make sure you add options like Categories, Sub-categories, Cart, search bar, wishlist, Filter option and feedback. There are many options that you can apart from the basic ones but that all depends upon your taste. 

Attractive UI/UX

Design plays an important role. An attractive user interface will help you with more traffic and an extra star to the reviews. If your user interface is not pretty and friendly, it’s very possible that the user won’t prioritize your app and look for other similar alternatives. 

Start Developing

Before developing the app you should know that the development of any app like amazon consists of two parts. First is backend development an the other, Front-end development. 

For backend development, you have 2 options,  you may start from scratch and create a customized backend, or you can easily use backend service providers for your project. 

For front-end development you have to decide whether you want to construct a web, native, or hybrid application. The front-end determines the appearance of the application, while the back-end develops internal and back-end programming.

Different applications’ development processes can have some same characteristics. You can save time and money by using templates instead of making unnecessary purchases.

Get Feedback

Once you are 100% done with your app, share your creation with your clients.Be patient and be positive for the feedback. It is the most foolproof way to get constructive criticism and achieve perfect satisfactory results when you launch the app. Remember,  It is your duty to make changes to the app that meet your client’s expectations if he is not happy with it.

Time for Testing and Q/A 

Now once you’re basically done with developing the app, It’s time to go through proper testing and a Q/A session of your app like amazon. You can either ask your surrounding people to test and feedback or for a much honest response, choose 3 to 4 random people and ask them to use your app and give their reviews.


It is very important that you carefully optimize your app to reach the satisfactory reach and traffic that you require for your app to thrive in the market. Incorporate proper keywords, meta descriptions, tags, and titles. 

Promoting your App

Before launching your app you first need to arouse curiosity among people. For this you need highly skilled marketers who can suggest winning methods for promoting your app. Some of the very basic promoting techniques you can use are 

  • Write Blogs 
  • Launch promotional teasers
  • Showcase apps features through banners or taglines 
  • Bait audience through Social Media Marketing 

Launch your App 

Finally, it’s time to launch your masterpiece into the App market. Allow different platforms to access your app for a better and more profitable reach. Focus on the first 2 months of usage and reviews by users. 

BONUS TIP! Make sure to keep a spare User interface at hand in case your current one fails or glitches because of any reason to avoid failure. 

App Name Ideas 

The thing that matters the most for an app is its attractive and catchy name. You can come up with something fun by yourself or we have given some ideas you can choose from 

  • EaseBazzar
  • Shop facilité
  • Buy-per-Click  
  • ShopHop
  • Buy Boutique
  • Nexus Market 
  • BuyBuy
  • Heaven Wagon


 Developing an app like amazon might seem like a very hard task but trust us it’s rather time taking than difficult. Very simple answers to your queries on how to create an eCommerce app? Or simply how to make an online shopping app? All it requires is continuous nerdy efforts and a skilled team with a passion to make the development dream come true. Its vital to have a creative and different approach as there are already a variety of eCommerce apps available 


What is the first step in developing an Amazon-like app?

The first step in developing an Amazon-like app is to understand the user’s needs and requirements. This involves conducting thorough market research to identify the target audience, their preferences, and their pain points. Once you have a clear understanding of the user’s needs, you can start working on the app’s features and functionality. 

How crucial is user experience in the development process?

User experience is the most critical factor in the development process of an Amazon-like app. It refers to the overall experience a user has while using, including aspects such as easy to use, accessibility, and satisfaction. 

A positive user experience is essential in ensuring that users continue to use and engage with the app, thus driving its success.

How can I optimize app performance for a better customer experience?

Optimizing app performance is crucial in ensuring a better customer experience. Here are a few ways to optimize app performance:

  • Reduce app loading time 
  • Optimize the app code
  • Use caching 
  • Frequently test the App

Implementing these strategies can help optimize the app’s performance, resulting in a better customer experience.

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